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Driving the miles for the smiles.
Heroes Unmasked

Driving the miles for the smiles.

Our nonprofit superheroes recently made a visit to the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida and brought smiles to the faces of many young patients. The children eagerly awaited the arrival of their favorite superheroes, and when they finally came, they were overjoyed. The superheroes took the time to talk to each child, ask them about their favorite things, and even posed for photos with them. They made sure to make each child feel special and loved. The superheroes also brought along some gifts for the children. They handed out action figures, coloring books, and other toys that the children could enjoy during their stay at the hospital. It was heartening to see the children's faces light up with excitement as they received their gifts. The visit was not just about bringing joy to the children, but it also had a therapeutic effect. The children were able to forget, for a moment, about their illness or injury and focus on having fun. This distraction can be crucial in helping them cope with the stress of being in the hospital. Our superheroes showed that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a significant impact on the lives of others. They proved that anyone can be a hero by simply spreading positivity and kindness. We are proud of our nonprofit superheroes and grateful for the work they do. They are an inspiration to us all, and we hope to see more of their visits to bring joy to those in need. A very big thank you to MISSION BBQ for feeding all volunteers and hospital staff, it was delicious. In addition, thank you Lee County Sheriff's Office for the incredible support with agency members that always come out to volunteer their time on days off in making these events memorable for so many children. This event was all thanks to one very special person that goes above and beyond for the community. Some call her Brenda Hutcheson, we call her our hero. It’s heroes like her that brings our vision to reality by allowing us to drive the miles for the smiles. Brenda Hutcheson - Realtor “Together We Rise”
Together We Rise
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